US citizens studying at an accredited university are entitled to a refund on their tuition payments for the first 4 years of University for a 1st degree. If you are married to a non-US Citizen (without an ITIN), you are not entitled. If you are a dependent on someone else’s return you are also not entitled.

Institutions include:

  • Ben Gurion University
  • Haifa University
  • Hebrew University
  • Raphael Recanati International School at IDC Herzliya
  • Sackler Faculty of Medicines
  • Technion
  • Tel Aviv University

What is required?

  • A signed Form 1098-T submitted by the university to the IRS for the tax year being reported.
  • A letter from the university on their letterhead confirming the student’s enrollment, degree and total tuition paid. Must be signed and should have a contact name and number.